STAjets Share Program

STAjets Fractional Share program is the industry’s only true ownership program that doesn’t have any hidden fees or costs. All costs for ownership of the aircraft are billed at actuals and divided among each owner equally creating a true shared program for the owners and not the operator. Each aircraft is designed different based on the type of aircraft, geographic location, and amount of shares offered. STAjets Fractional Share program provides all the advantages of aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost without any mark ups on its operation. Fractional share owners experience the exceptional value of saving time, money, on the same aircraft coupled with the safety and security as an aircraft owner would have.

True Fractional Shared ownership in a specific aircraft dramatically reduces costs to the client and ensures efficient utilization of the aircraft. STAjets Fractional Share Owners share costs, tax savings and benefits proportionate to the share owned. Aircraft availability is guaranteed with minimum notice and Fractional Share Owners are also given priority access to the rest of the STAjets fleet. Currently STAjets fleet consists of Heavy Jets, Mid-Sized Jets, Lights Jets, and Turbo Props.

Fractional Shares Benefits

  • Turnkey and hassle free
  • Reduced Aircraft Ownership Costs
  • Availability and access to entire charter fleet
  • Flexibility, safety and security of private air travel


  • Southern California
  • Northern California
  • Southern Florida
  • New York
  • Coming Soon:
    Texas, Colorado

If you are interested in a different area, an aircraft can always be advertised and acquired to meet the demand in any city.

Below are the aircraft currently available for Fractional Shares: