Our Mission, Your Safety

STAjets prides ourselves on exceeding industry standards for safety and security. We cultivate a team environment throughout the organization that consists of vigilant planning, open communication and decision making to mitigate potential safety concerns. We are proud to maintain the highest safety standards in the aviation industry.

STAjets Safety

ARG/US Platinum Rating

An ARG/US safety rating is awarded to those operators who successfully complete a biennial ARG/US on-site safety audit. The ARG/US audit is a true process audit administered by highly trained aviation auditing professionals to evaluate the operator against industry best standards.

Wyvern Wingman Certification

The prestigious Wyvern Wingman rating, developed by Wyvern Consulting firm, is awarded to aviation operators who completed challenging compliance and risk assessment practice audits. STAjets was awarded the Wyvern Wingman Standard in 2016, an achievement that reinforces our commitment to the industry best safety practices.

ISBAO – Stage 2

Globally recognized, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is considered world’s most prestigious safety rating. IS-BAO auditing includes SMS requirements, organization and personnel, standard operating procedures, training programs, flight operations in domestic and international airspace, aircraft equipment requirements, aircraft maintenance requirements, company operations manual, emergency response plan, environmental management, occupational health and safety, transportation of dangerous goods, and security.

Safety Management System

The business aviation Safety Management System (SMS) is a quality management approach to controlling flight-related risks. Under a formalized SMS, operators identify potential hazards and ensure that a process is put in place to effectively manage them. STAjets has developed its own SMS, which combines operational risk profiling with internal evaluation and quality assurance concepts, resulting in more structured management and continuous improvement of the operational process.