Air Travel in the Time of COVID

Even in the best of times, commercial air travel presents an unpleasant prospect. Few travelers relish the thought of bumping up against and sitting elbow to elbow with strangers for hours on end. But where the chief peril of commercial air travel was once claustrophobia, one must now confront a public health crisis. Fortunately, a better alternative exists. STA Jets offers private jet charter from Orange County, promising you a safer, rapid, and more luxurious travel alternative. STA Jets serves your air travel needs by allowing you to quickly and safely charter a private aircraft.

In an attempt to allay public fears regarding commercial air travel, commercial carriers tout their modern air filtration systems and extensive cleaning protocols. But in spite of the prescribed hygiene theater, the inherent problem with commercial air travel remains. Commercial air travel stands as the antithesis of social distancing. In the face of a highly contagious respiratory illness, one that appears to be evolving to become even more contagious, close proximity to a large number of strangers in indoor spaces is inherently unsafe. No amount of scrubbing seat trays or door knobs will mitigate the danger associated with the spread of airborne pathogens.

Additionally, health risks associated with commercial air travel extend beyond the airplane. On any given trip, passengers spend hours waiting on either side of their flight. Check-in and security, especially in major airports, typically entail long lines and close contact with other passengers and airport personnel. The infamously unpredictable delays at security are not only inconvenient, but now a health concern as well. Alongside routine flight delays among commercial carriers, a passenger must spend more time in line and more time in the airport in proximity to potentially contagious persons. Distressingly, scientists are also currently investigating what role public restrooms may play as a vector for contagious illness as the flushing of toilets routinely projects a plume of droplets and aerosolized pathogens.

When you travel commercial airlines, you lose control of your surroundings. You do not get to choose who sits across from you or down the aisle. You do not know the names of those around you, much less the risky behaviors they may have recently engaged in or the likelihood that they may be contagious. You cannot control whether someone takes off their mask to blow their nose, or whether they cough in your direction. And you can’t control whether or not an infected individual uses the same toilet as you.

Thankfully, you need not relegate yourself to the uncertainty and unpleasantries of commercial air travel. STA Jets allows you the opportunity to choose how and who you fly with. Plus with STA Jets, you don’t need to own your own plane to become a private air traveler. There are no long airport lines, or unexpected delays at security. It’s never been more prudent to fly private, and STA Jets allows you to quickly book your private jet charter from Orange County with safe and healthy flights to the destination of your choice.