STAjets Travel Guide | Best Places to See the Sunset Around the World

According to Travel and Leisure, there are 12 must –see sunset destinations across the globe. Watch Mother Nature put on her nightly display from an island in the South Pacific as the sun drops into the ocean, watch daylight turn to dusk from the red rocks of the desert, take in the cotton candy skies from Santorini, or stand on a rocky outcropping as the sun illuminates a centuries-old temple.

Ready to take you wherever, whenever, STAjets is proud to be your premier charter choice for your upcoming leisure and business travel. In case you’re looking for some inspiration for your next sunset-spotting adventure , here are 12 of the best places to watch the sunset around the world according to Travel and Leisure: Shi Shi Beach – Washington, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, Malibu – California, Bagan – Myanmar, Big Island – Hawaii, Uyuni Salt Flats – Bolivia, Key West – Florida, Bora Bora – French Polynesia, Uluru – Australia, Sedona – Arizona, Serengeti National Park – Tanzania and The Azores – Portugal.

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