STAjets Travel Guide | The Hawaiian Islands

According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, few places on Earth more clearly embody the spirit of paradise than Hawaii, which is famous for its tropical flora, extraordinary beaches (including the jet-black sand at Punalu’u), and dramatic volcanic landscapes. Kaua’i and Ni’ihau were the first islands to bloom from the Pacific Ocean hot spot, which continues to shape and expand the Hawaiian Ridge. While there are hundreds of islands in the archipelago spread over some 1,500 miles, the eight largest are the center of Hawaiian life.

Although the Summer season brings travelers from across the globe, there truly is never a bad time to visit the Hawaiian islands. With so much to offer for visitors of all ages, it’s the perfect relaxing get-a-way for families with children who love surf, sand and the beach. Visitors travel great distances to experience the islands’ natural beauty — like the stunning rainbow eucalyptus on Maui — and signature cuisine.

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