A better way to fly for the Holidays – Private Jet Charter

Private jet flights over the holidays are a great way to celebrate the festive season in style – and avoid the airport crowds.

Skip the airport and bad weather delays by chartering a private jet for family Christmas flights, and seasonal holidays.

When it comes to holiday season commercial air travel, only the earliest of the early birds get the worms and chances are if you haven’t booked your seats yet, good luck getting your family on the same flight to pretty much anywhere. But even if you do luck out and still manage to get the “worm”; you’ll still be forced to swallow the gruesome airport line-ups and nasty flight delays that are part for the course.

Holiday travel via private jet charter provides a better alternative for discerning travelers to consider. Airports will be more crowded and chaotic than usual, which means starting your holiday with stressful lines and never ending checkpoints. But if you`re flying private, it is a different scenario, you can choose a smaller airport closer to your home, arrive 15 minutes before your flight to go through an infinitely more private and faster check-in procedure. Boarding your private jet, get served coffee and take off with your family and/or guests heading for your destination in no time. If you want to take your furry friend, from dogs and cats, to pets of a more unusual variety, we are experienced at arranging private jet flights with animals onboard. If you are flying to visit family over the festive season, or taking your pet on holiday, your pet can travel with you in the cabin, minimizing their stress and discomfort and your concern about their safety during the flight.

STAjets expert team is available 24/7 365 days of the year. If you decide to charter a private jet for a last minute trip to enjoy Christmas with your family or want to spend New Year`s Eve in a paradisiac beach in Hawaii, we are ready to assist you!

We can arrange private flights at short notice during the holiday period, call 1-844-359-7821 for flights over the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

To learn more about Holiday traveling or other events by private jet charter or for pricing; call 1-844-359-7821 or email STAjets – [email protected] today.