Checklist to a Perfect Business Charter Flight

You’ve decided that you will charter a jet for your next business trip. What should you do now? Cost might be one of the factors, but there are other essential points you need to address when booking a private jet charter.   


The FAA closely monitors operators to make sure that they conform to the established standards of performance. The high standards for training, maintenance and operators required by the FAA, and the devotion to safety of the charter operators themselves, assure that chartered flights are a safe mode of travel. At STAjets, your safety is our top priority. We will assure that you fly on nothing but the safest, most reliable aircraft. STAjets prides ourselves on exceeding industry standards for safety and security, we are proud to be ARG/US Platinum Rating.

Travel Plans

Highlight the departure and arrival cities, and any intermediate stops. Note your arrival date and if you have any flexibility on it. Specify the number of people travelling with you as well as if you need ground transportation handled. If you are looking for special catering for your flight, have specific baggage requirement, or are bringing pets on board, your charter company will want to know so that they can best accommodate all of your needs.

Fees and Extra Charges

While some charter companies charge by the trip, others will charge by the hour. If you anticipate any potential en route deviations, let the charter company know so this is clearly noted at the time an agreement is reached with the company. Otherwise, the charter company will need to adjust the final cost of your charter due to changes in logistics. Extra charges may include premium catering, de-icing and federal taxes, where applicable. Another common extra fee is the pilot(s) waiting fee and overnight crew charges.


Enhanced security is often one of the primary reasons for chartering, because when you charter an aircraft, you are in control. You decide who is permitted on your flight. There are no strangers to overhear your confidential business conversations or to threaten your personal security. When travelling via charter, you dictate the departure time and location as well as the destination. Your charter company is dedicated to ensuring your safety and security at all times.


Charter companies have access to a variety of aircraft types in the charter fleet, each designed for different missions. Ask our experienced aviation team about which aircraft they would recommend for meeting the mission of your flight. Then determine whether that aircraft will meet your needs for speed, comfort, range and price. STAjets offers a diverse fleet of aircraft to accommodate your travel needs and provide the best travel experience.


Weather can affect your flight plans when chartering just as it can affect airline schedules. Ask about the limitations of the aircraft and the company’s authorizations. Always trust the decision of your professional pilot when it comes to weather and flight safety. The pilot will not fly an aircraft if the weather conditions do not meet safety standards.


Every charter operator must have a certificate from the FAA showing that his or her operation meets or exceeds the agency’s standards for aircraft maintenance, management control and oversight of its crew’s training, flight time and health. Never fly with an operator who does not appear to hold proper FAA certification. Your pilot must hold either a Commercial Pilot Certificate or an Air Transport Pilot Certificate issued by the FAA.  You can also contact your regional FAA office and request verification that the charter operation is certified for the trip you’re planning through the FAA’s Web page.

Ground Facilities

The smaller airports will often have many of the accommodations of major airports. Many of these facilities, known as fixed base operators (FBOs), provide complimentary airport-to-town transportation. Ask your charter company to prearrange ground transportation or obtain your preferred lodging if needed. What smaller facilities lack in size, they make up for in warm hospitality. Small airports also mean no delays and hassles so often found at the major airline hubs. 

Need Access to Airlines?

Passengers in towns without airline service can charter an aircraft to connect more easily with an airline flight. However, due to security, airports and airline service are divided into separate general aviation (including charter) and airline areas. At most of these airports, courtesy cars are provided to drive you to the airline terminal. Inform your charter company that you will be making an airline connection, and they can make the necessary arrangements.

Now that you’ve empowered yourself with these tips, take advantage of the time that you will save and the convenience that comes with chartering a jet. If business charter is the way of life for you, you know that it means you will spend more time with your clients and less time getting there.

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