Offsetting the Cost of Private Jet Ownership

Private jet ownership represents the apex of luxury. A private jet allows you the opportunity to zip across thousands of miles, dashing from destination to destination in style. Jet ownership also entails liberation from the hassles of commercial air travel. You need not suffer through long lines at security, unexpected flight delays, or be tied to set commercial schedules. Private jet ownership offers an unparalleled level of freedom and comfort.

But just as with that vacation home, chances are your jet goes unused a good amount of time.  And just because your plane is stowed away in a hangar, does not mean that the expenses of keeping and maintaining that plane are put on hold. Storage, maintenance, financing, and personnel expenses continue to accrue, even with the plane powered down. The average private jet owner spends a fortune each year, even if a plane hardly leaves the hangar. But a better alternative exists. An alternative that allows you to maximize the benefits of private jet ownership while minimizing the costs.

Just as you can lease out your vacation home during down times, so also chartering out your aircraft through a professional charter company will offset costs associated with ownership.  And the easiest and most secure way to charter out your aircraft is with a professional private jet charter in Orange County.  At STA Jets we stand ready to offset those expenses while maintaining your aircraft in prime condition. This way, you can continue to live a global jet setting high-life, without hemorrhaging money year after year.

But STA is far more than a way to offset costs. Total Jet Management from STA is the most elevated way to keep your jet in the air. In addition to the financial cost of maintaining a plane, coordinating pilots, maintenance crews and upkeep can be a full-time job in its own right.  However, STA Jets offers a better alternative. By enlisting the total jet management services of STA Jets, you get to enjoy all of the luxury and convenience of private jet ownership, without the hassles of personally coordinating maintenance and crews. You will continue to enjoy the perks of jet ownership, without having to stress the details. Take the next step and maximize your private jet with STA Jets, the expert private jet charter in Orange County. With our industry expertise, you can rest assured that you will make the most of your private aircraft.