Reasons to Charter

There are many advantages to private jet travel. The real advantages of flying on a private plane are convenience and efficiency. For example, passengers don’t have to fly out of busy hub airports unless they want to. You don’t need to be at the airport 2 hours earlier before your flight or have long waiting and screening processes. When flying private, you are required to get to the runway about 30 minutes before your flight. You will get personalized treatment, welcomed with a smile and your bags will be loaded while you walk straight onto the aircraft. There are more reasons why you should consider a private jet instead of using commercial airlines.


“Time is money” and whether you have a business meeting or you are on vacation, you will always want to get the best out of your time. When you choose a private jet, you are assured that you will have time on your side. The aircraft won`t depart without you and it will take you when you are ready to go. You can also use the flight time for business meetings, optimizing your time.


Every frequent traveler knows the value of a window seat. Being even a little bit more comfortable can make a huge difference over hours and hours of sitting still.
When you charter a private jet you have the whole aircraft, providing you with the best accommodations and comfort. You will never be uncomfortable with the temperature, you are in control and can choose the best for your needs.


Although all aircraft, private and commercial, are subject to FAA regulations they are not all equally safe. Private jet charter operators are audited by several third parties and rated according to various factors which include crew certification and experience, aircraft upkeep and maintenance, history of incidents and more. Wyvern and ARG/US are two highly ranked and recognized third-party auditing agencies for private jet operators. As a Wyvern and ARG/US Platinum rated operator, STAjets continues to pursue excellence while meeting the highest standards in the industry.


Private jets will offer you the ability to travel without being noticed. Using a private aircraft is the only way to travel incognito. You don’t need to worry about other passengers listening to music too loud, kicking your seat or with crying children.

Extra Luggage Room

Going on a golf vacation with your friends? Going to the French Alps for the long waited ski vacation? Imagine lugging all that equipment around an airport, praying that your brand new skis or carbon-fiber big Bertha aren’t damaged in the process. When you fly private the only restrictions you have with luggage are based on the payload and baggage capacity of the aircraft. You can even have your prized possessions ride safely with you in the cabin, no wondering if they will get left behind or damaged.


If you want to take your pet to travel using commercial airlines, it is treated as luggage. Some of the airlines will transport your pet in the storage compartment which can get extremely cold at high altitudes. When you charter a private jet, as long as you get prior approval, your four-legged family members can comfortably travel in the cabin with you. You may be asked for cleaning or deposit fee for your pet, but it is without any doubt worth it, giving you and your pet a safe and comfortable trip.

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