St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates Irish culture annually worldwide on March 17th. In Ireland, it is a national holiday in remembrance of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who ministered Christianity throughout the country in the fifth century. Some believe that he taught the Holy Trinity using a three-leaf clover and he banished snakes from the land. These are merely folklore, but one thing remains true- St. Patrick’s Day is great craic on the Emerald Isle.

Dublin is the center of the celebration. From March 15-18th, buildings throughout the city are lit up with green lights as soon as the sun goes down. Over 100,000 visitors from around the world attend Dublin’s Festival annually. With its world famous parade that brings joy along its path across the city, the streets are lined with patrons in green attire, celebrating along side of talented performers, colorful structures, and Irish music.

Dance, play, and ride at the Festival Funfairs. Located at Merrion Square, the carnival fairground is fun for all ages. A merry-go-round, roller coaters, and thrill rides, dancers and performers brings entertainment and excitement throughout the day into the night for the young at heart. On Sunday the 18th, street theater actors, aerial artists, musicians bring the streets alive starting at 11:55am. Workshops, lessons in the Irish language, and craft stations are fun and educational for the whole family.

After three days of beer, food, and fun, the annual Festival 5K Road Race is on Sunday. This race starts at St. Stephen’s Green South in the Dublin City Center and goes through the heart of beautiful Georgian Dublin. The Road Race 2018 is fun for all ages and fitness levels. Street performers, face painters, and spectators cheer from the roadside. Prizes are given for Seniors, Masters Men’s and Women’s, Juniors under 20 years old, Men’s and Women’s Teams of 4, and coed Corporate Teams.

In the Land of Saints and Scholars, the warmth of the Irish people, the bright colors, lights, and music on the streets, and the pride and joy in the air, Dublin, Ireland is the epicenter of St. Patrick’s Day. Join the celebration this year and let us take you there. Contact us today at 1.844.FLY.STA1 (1.844.359.7821) to schedule your flights.